Washing Instructions

At VivaSistah, I want your t-shirt to look good and last forever!  So I strongly urge all of my customers to follow my instructions on how to take care of your t-shirt.  I know its just a t-shirt, but to me its like relationship you have to take care of it if you want it to last....

Turn it inside out before washing.

Do not iron the design.

TUMBLE DRY ON LOW HEAT!  (did you know it only takes around 8-10 minutes for a t-shirt to dry)?

Fold it nicely (dept store style - around the design) after taking it out of the dryer.

While these are just suggestions, I urge you to take them seriously and you will have a beautiful crisp looking tee - okay, maybe not forever but for a really long time.  

Remember: too much bleach yellows your white tee.