The VivaSistah brand was created by Lisa Michele Smith.  With the strong female influence from both her mother and her grandmother, Lisa overcame the hardship of being poor from the tough streets of New York city.  As the only high school and college graduate in her family, she eventually landed in graduate school where she learned to put her creativity and drive to work.  She has always had a love of fashion, ever since she was a girl, and recently developed a "thing" for t-shirts with faces on them.  But after searching the fashion capital of the world, she noticed that she rarely found a t-shirt with the face of a “sistah” on it.  While the rest of the world remained silent on this issue, Lisa did not. 

She started Viva Sistah to show the world just how beautiful black women really are - one t-shirt at a time!  Join us and celebrate the beauty of black women -- using fashion as our catalyst.  Viva Sistah will focus on clothing to make a visual statement of how beautiful black women truly are.  The Viva Sistah brand will be a collection that encompass’ casual and upscale clothing that highlights the beauty and style of "sistahs."   Our vision is to invite and appeal to all women as a way to express our pride, individuality and spirit.  Viva Sistah… Viva Ebonie Girlz!